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Category Archives: Corporate Identity

Recently generative design has become a significant tool for defining corporate identity elements.

Visual identity of MIT Media Lab is a good example. The logo can be transformed into 40.000 variations without losing it’s essence. Just watch the video and enjoy.


Another project is from Onformative on creating color pallette for their website, called Color of the Day . They developed a method for generating a flexible vivid color spectrum for the links to be highlighted on their website.



View the full package here:

View the full package here:

Very nice visual identity. Check out the rest here:

I am posting some visual identity expamples from Behance Network. This would be good for our students taking VA 301 course.

And please check the branding section of Behance and this site as a whole: Branding Served

Innova Identity

Augustine Claret Identity

VIBE Studio Identity

View more images here:

House of Balsamic / LogoHouse Of Balsamic _ Bussines CardHouse Of Balsamic / Business Card For B2CHouse Of Balsamic / Letterhead