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Monthly Archives: March 2009

So these table surfaces are clearly very different sizes, right?

Wrong. Click on the picture to see a demonstration I’ve just prepared for you. If you think I’ve cheated, check it yourself with a ruler, or a piece of paper. What amazed me more when I was preparing the demo today is that the illusion isn’t established only by the table legs (which is the first thing that comes to mind): we still see them in different sizes when the legs disappear. The rotation is sufficient to deceive us, the legs just strengthen it.

By the way, the reason they don’t overlap exactly is that the corner angle is slightly different; the side lengths are really equal.

Lesson learned: use your guides and ruler in Photoshop!

— Cem

This is on of the best portals of web design available online. They also have huge collection of completely free huge sized wallpapers which the designers of the featured websites design.

Found on Bioephemera

The website of the designer Anil Gupta can be accessed here.

Almacan is a truly extraordinary artist from Japan who uses 3D software to create paintings which are delicate and detailed combinations of steampunk, biology and anatomical drawings.

A very beautiful combination of Typography and Data Visualization is Crystal hy-map created by David Bihanic from the University of Paris/Pantheon Sorbonne.

Beyond this the portal Visual Complexity is a treasure trove of information visualization and design hybrid projects. Definitely check it out. You will find much to inspire you here.

Students who came to room 1014 today (March 24) are responsible to prepare a powerpoint presentation about 3 contemporary graphic designers – still alive and create works – and their works for 7th April class. Graphic designers can be individuals or groups (graphic design companies, studios). Presentation language can be English or Turkish. Total time for one presentation that includes 3 graphic designers is 10 minutes.

Great poster to hang on your wall, from

There are also great links on the website (such as “21 most used fonts by professional designers”), check them out.

A great game for type-lovers:

Sympathy for the Arts


Stuck with what to do next?

Select a color.

Start thinking visually around it.

Go to tumblr., start a visual blog:



Such is the wonderful world of search results on google that in an inadvertent manner it helped me locate something that I was looking for and the name of which I had forgotten. When Murat posted tag galaxy on the arts and computation blog I was immediately reminded of a stunning data visualization project on Flickr. But try as I might I could not remember what it was called. And then I woke up one morning to find that someone, somewhere in the world had conducted a search using the terms “flickr information visualization” and had found us. However number one on the search results was Time Graphs, which was the piece that I was looking for!

So here it is: Ladies and gentlemen, Time Graphs!


A MoMa interactive exhibition, the link for which was sent to me by Damla Tamer, an alumna of our program herself. Not only do the links lead to some really mind blowing projects but the website’s interface is rewarding in and of itself:




For students who take VA234 Design with Typography course, you have to create “Homework” category on your blogs and upload the homeworks to this category.

found on