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Category Archives: Portals

Highly recommended inspirational web site, Thinking for a Living has many useful articles and posts. It’s worth taking a look at this site.

Brand New Classroom is new a division of UnderConsideration and a direct descendant of Brand New. Its purpose is to provide a space where the work of talented students from around the world can be showcased and critiqued.

A wonderful collection of posters, with a great interface. Added to the Recommended Sites section.

I stumbled upon this quite by accident, some of you may already know all about it. In any case, this is a very high end design networking domain which accepts membership based upon a review process and also works as a job center/recruitment domain. Hardly surprising since the work which is showcased is of absolutely superb quality and some of the best known art directors and designers in the industry are members. That said, they did accept me as a member, so I see no reason why those of you that have well developed portfolios (particularly seniors and graduate students) should not apply for membership as well.

Check this blog for what one should not do!

Brand New is a blog where Armin Vit and Bryony Gomez-Palacio write their opinions on new branding solutions, mostly logo redesigns. You might learn a lot from there, not by taking everything they say as absolute design rules (they’re just opinions however professional they are), but by discovering what kinds of little things are obsessively taken into account in design and branding.

— Cem

This is on of the best portals of web design available online. They also have huge collection of completely free huge sized wallpapers which the designers of the featured websites design.

A very beautiful combination of Typography and Data Visualization is Crystal hy-map created by David Bihanic from the University of Paris/Pantheon Sorbonne.

Beyond this the portal Visual Complexity is a treasure trove of information visualization and design hybrid projects. Definitely check it out. You will find much to inspire you here.