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Monthly Archives: May 2010

This is the website of the advertising agency Grip Limited. It is marvelous both in its functional interface and its visual design.

Here is a comment by Hoefler & Frere-Jones who designed the Knockout typeface used throughout the website:

When we designed the Knockout type family, which celebrates the exuberance of nineteenth century wood type, we wondered: what designer would knowingly use the fonts to recall a world of quack medical cures and traveling vaudevillians? The answer, as it so often turns out to be, is “smart aleck Canadian advertising agencies.” Behold the truly excellent Grip Limited, who have created a typographic tour-de-force in Knockout (and a little Archer) that really repays scrolling in all directions. I especially like the end of the second column.

these days i’m focused on my thesis and reading lots of stuff on information design. wurman is an important reference too and i wanted to share it obviously. it’s an old interview but i still find it very nourishing. wurman’s thoughts about clarity of information, its dissemination, how to find and conceive information are just inspiring.

What is critical is to understand what it is like not to understand. My definition of learning is to remember what you are interested in. If you don’t remember something, you haven’t learned it, and you are never going to remember something unless you are interested in it. These words dance together. ‘Interest’ is another holy word and drives ‘memory’. Combine them and you have learning. If that is so, and I believe it is, then our entire system of education is bankrupt because what is taught to you is not what you are interested in, and it is not taught to you in a method that can accentuate the interest so you build up a whole fibrous web of learning for yourself. Not an interest you have that doesn’t connect with everything else in the world. So why not go in through your interests? But that is not how our school systems are set up. You memorize things you are not interested in, throw them up on a test, and then you forget them.

i think those who are interested in information design (information architecture in wurman’s terminology) should know and read about wurman and it also should be a necessary reading along with famously referenced tufte (respect).

a nice survey on how color names are known among girls and boys. i feel weird about this…

Between May 31 and June 20, 2010 there will be 29th Annual Graphic Design Exhibition of GMK (Turkish Society of Graphic Designers) at Chamber of Architects of Turkey Istanbul Metropolitan Branch, Karaköy. It is a good opportunity for students to see sector needs and responses. We strongly recommend this event.

there will be 2 sets of workshops at sabanci university in july on how to visualize scientific data and information.

How can we make sense of the information that surrounds us in today’s complex world? How can we make explanations of the natural and the man-made world; give visual expression to otherwise invisible information; help ease complex tasks; or help people find their way. How can we bring order to rich databases as well as the built environment using elements of visual communication?

Designers achieve these tasks by exploring the nature of information. They interpret and communicate information using the same elements they use in creating aesthetic pleasure, that is, lines, shapes, and colors — but with their added knowledge of the processes that help human cognition.

please check the workshop website for further information. any scientist who has an idea to visualize in any subject (computer science, mechanics, biology, chemistry, physics, etc..) or any designer who likes to work on information design, information visualization and infographics are welcome. this will be a collaborated event so there will be lots of group work and hopefully lots of nice outcomes.

Brand New Classroom is new a division of UnderConsideration and a direct descendant of Brand New. Its purpose is to provide a space where the work of talented students from around the world can be showcased and critiqued.