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Category Archives: Alumni

SU/VACD alumnus Başar Önal is currently a PhD student at SPIRE, the Participatory Innovation Research Centre at the University of Southern Denmark and also works as a researcher at DRU, the Design Research Unit at the Interactive Institute. His portfolio, which consists of intelligent, sophisticated art and computation hybrid projects can be viewed here:

Wettext (above): The prototype is a modified DIY lie-detector. Normally the detector senses the stress reaction (moisture) in one’s fingertips and signals it. In my model, the output is used to delete and recombine the parts of the old text in order to produce a real-time, animated, new body of text. The old text is presented alongside the new one, and the person connected to the detector will be producing a constantly changing written piece.

Maximachines (above): The idea for this conceptual robot is devised with the concept of visceral design (Donald Norman). It is conceived with an apocalyptical, post-crash future in mind. These robots are a thinking exercise for a dystopian future, and would be useless in a future with pleasantly aligned resources. Thus, there needs to be an environment of risk, both physical and psychological in order to accommodate these kinds of robots. They can act as objects of psychological projection in times of distress, objects of reflection, and perform a function that would otherwise be harmful for humans.