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Monthly Archives: October 2010

Very successful Letterpress work (and also beautiful documentation) by Scott Boms, Grant Hutchinson and Luke Dorny via FPO (For Print Only blog).


hi hi hi, back in the game..

Funny that i’ve never heard of such a web site (maybe you did?) … The host (Adrian Shaughnessy) organized a nice compilation of radio interviews with some of the big names from the area (like Stefan Sagmeister, Neville Brody, and many more). Shows are inspiring to listen and there’s nice music in-between conversations too. I would love to listen a version with Turkish designers… Hopefully someone will do it one day.. Here is the link..

Highly recommended inspirational web site, Thinking for a Living has many useful articles and posts. It’s worth taking a look at this site.

Write a Bike project from Typography Served blog.

Unfortunately, I cannot add an image to this post since the artist has disabled all downloads and links. And who can blame him, given the nature of what he is showing! This is a truly extraordinary-must-see series. Highly recommended!

See the full set here.

Christopher Berry on The Guide to Gentlemanly Pursuits:

“In an attempt to honor the sections of old growth forest I’ve likely destroyed, The Guide to Gentlemanly Pursuits is an experiment I’ve undertaken for the summer. The rules are simple:

1) Collect all napkins and meeting notes.
2) Draw a moustache on every doodle.
3) Present the best of the week.”

See his full portfolio – an utter delight! – here:

Follow his blog here:

SU/VACD alumnus Başar Önal is currently a PhD student at SPIRE, the Participatory Innovation Research Centre at the University of Southern Denmark and also works as a researcher at DRU, the Design Research Unit at the Interactive Institute. His portfolio, which consists of intelligent, sophisticated art and computation hybrid projects can be viewed here:

Wettext (above): The prototype is a modified DIY lie-detector. Normally the detector senses the stress reaction (moisture) in one’s fingertips and signals it. In my model, the output is used to delete and recombine the parts of the old text in order to produce a real-time, animated, new body of text. The old text is presented alongside the new one, and the person connected to the detector will be producing a constantly changing written piece.

Maximachines (above): The idea for this conceptual robot is devised with the concept of visceral design (Donald Norman). It is conceived with an apocalyptical, post-crash future in mind. These robots are a thinking exercise for a dystopian future, and would be useless in a future with pleasantly aligned resources. Thus, there needs to be an environment of risk, both physical and psychological in order to accommodate these kinds of robots. They can act as objects of psychological projection in times of distress, objects of reflection, and perform a function that would otherwise be harmful for humans.

This is truly superb, and those who do not yet know of wix, better rush over there and get started right now! This is an online flash site creator that lets you build either from scratch, or by modifying a very large collection of freely available templates. The entire setup is intuitive – no need to code, no actionscript anywhere in evidence – all you do is drag and drop components, add text, images, clip art, and off you go!

Furthermore, the wix people let you publish your efforts for free under their own domain. Should you wish for your own site, and/or various other goodies such as google analytics then they have a very reasonable plan for you to upgrade as well. In the free version wix puts very small ads underneath your page and the upgrade eliminates those also. However, no sweat with regards to the ads anyway – they did not bother me in the slightest, they are that well placed and unobtrusive.

I created the 3 pages above (please click thumbnails to access) with wix. The first 2 were created through modifying pre-existent templates, the third one I did from scratch. All the images I used come from the wix library, which is surprisingly well stocked with really nice images and clip art. The first one I made took a few hours since I was also snooping around in the library, trying out all kinds of things. The two others happened in less that an hour each! That is how easy and user friendly this is!

I am wondering whether wix might not be used for educational purposes also. As in teaching a web design course which totally eliminates the irksome need to learn the underlying code of a flash site.

Great article about the history and application of slab serifs and Sentinel font made by Hoefler & Frere Jones. Read the entire article from here.


Developed for Wired Italy by Density Design.

Creative direction: Donato Ricci
Concept: Michele Graffieti, Luca Masud, Mario Porpora, Gaia Scagnetti
Illustration: Michele Graffieti

Click image above for huge version!

His gorgeous website can be viewed here:

View behance portfolio here:

Behance Portfolio can be viewed here: