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Category Archives: Typography

Many thanks to our current course assistant Doruk Türkmen who found this very nice resource:


I am posting some visual identity expamples from Behance Network. This would be good for our students taking VA 301 course.

And please check the branding section of Behance and this site as a whole: Branding Served

Innova Identity

Augustine Claret Identity

VIBE Studio Identity

This site will especially be helpful to the students who are going to design a visual identity in the course VA 301. Unlike popular font bases like daFont,

Font Squirrel is picky about the typefaces uploaded to their site, so there are no broken type in their list of good typefaces. Take a look!

One of our recent MA graduates, Sinan Büyükbaş is a very talented guy indeed – one whose skills extend into many different areas, from sound design to video to graphic design. Above are a few images from his latest creative foray, his 3D Kandinsky typeface. More images can be seen here:

And 2 months later I am back with this update:

He went and made it to the front page! :-)

Our graduate student Servet Ulaş has just published a highly thought provoking post on his own blog. I urgently advise everyone who is interested in typeface design to go and read it:
Thank you Servet!ü

A two-sided poster designed by Josh Gomby for the Rochester Institute of Technology screening of the Helvetica documentary in 2008.

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House of Balsamic / LogoHouse Of Balsamic _ Bussines CardHouse Of Balsamic / Business Card For B2CHouse Of Balsamic / Letterhead


Gmund Color System book

Beautiful  – and there is more of it here:

Duru is an ongoing multilingual font project, which consists of four weights with small caps and alternate glyph sets with accompanying italics. Italics are to be included in the font specimen booklet in May 2011.

The creator of “Duru” is our very own Onur Yazıcıgil, also co-blogger here at Acemi Çaylak, and a much valued faculty member of our university since Fall 2009. He and I co-teach the main Graphic Design course of the 3rd year and he is one of the greatest colleagues and friends that one could ever hope for. And… one talented cookie, as the following will show:

Note: Duru is due to be distributed through an internationally renowned professional type foundry in the near future. So, please stand by for updates!

Magnificent! Created by Alex Beltechi, seen on behance.

Ligature frenzy is at the door. Unless you are an able graphic designer, you don’t get to play with ligatures. It’s mostly unavailable but when you have it, the results become so elegant. This is a nice example how ligatures can be used besides linking f-l or f-i. Simple and neat, yet it can be very useful and stylish. Text from the page:

Chartwell is a family that explores the use of OpenType to interpret and visualize data. The font format is highly portable and can be used in any application that supports standard ligatures. The data also remains editable allowing for easy updates.