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Category Archives: cognition

“Bugün Ne Giysem?” (“What Shall I Wear Today?”) is a TV show in Turkey where female contestants dress themselves and get critique from judges (fashion icons/designers) who decide whether they go through to the next round or not. The show claims to be in search of “the most stylish woman in Turkey”. The judges also claim that they are educating the viewers while giving critique to the contestants and thus leading Turkish women towards a better-looking future. As an avid fan of the show, however, I observe that their method is flawed. I propose that they may do better in their idealistic task if they take one step further in their educating. Now I don’t know a thing about fashion or clothing, but I’ll make my case as a (visual communication) design professional and you’ll see how it relates.

This is something I wrote on my blog and Elif Ayiter asked me to share it here; I believe it may be fun/useful for design students. Read more here.

— Cem

i found this nice web application that saves you from unnecessary visual elements in web sites (banners most of the time) while reading the content. it is really useful for pages that contain too many extra feature – such as newspapers or some blogs. to try, just go to hurriyet (which has an enormous number of clutter around each page)  and compare the difference between reading the same text originally and in a clean (cleared) page. first, you set the look that suits you (your vision)  then add the readability icon on your bookmark bar. whenever you need to read something without any visual inconveniences, you click that bookmark and it does the job. nice.

i’ve been following this ui blog for some time and i thought it would be better to share this post with you. don’t get the idea  ‘we should always use rounded rectangles’, that not the point..

Professor Nänni is saying that rounded rectangles are literally easier on the eye. Put another way, compared to square-edged rectangles, rounded rectangles are more computationally efficient for the human brain. To me, this is a revelation. An idea that at the very least demands more investigation.