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here are the important resources for wordpress

wordpress codex

in this site, you can get all the answers you need about wordpress structure, its design elements (themes), external links and resources for design and implementation, technical documentation, etc…

for example, if you are a bit knowledgeable about php, you might wonder what the_content() function is. just search and you’ll see that it is the function that is used in the loop to display the actual content of a post.

‘how to make a theme’ tutorials

with few clicks you can get to these tutorial pages very quickly. this and this.

in the codex, you can get to this page too.

notes from the class

– remember that when you enter to a wordpress site, it first checks your index.php file (unless there is a home page – we’ll address it later). in there, you’ll see that it gets the header, then puts the posts (contents), then sidebar and finally footer.

– everything goes line-by-line in order. according to the execution sequence, when header is requested, think of it as “all the texts in the header.php file is loaded instead of get_header(); line. then goes the loop, and etc..

– for styling, look out for <div> tags. where there is a div tag, there is either a css id (#idname) or a class (.classname) in the css file. they can be found nested in css file. check w3school css tutorials for further info.

– use firebug to understand (faster) which part of the code affects which part in the visuals.


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