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Such is the wonderful world of search results on google that in an inadvertent manner it helped me locate something that I was looking for and the name of which I had forgotten. When Murat posted tag galaxy on the arts and computation blog I was immediately reminded of a stunning data visualization project on Flickr. But try as I might I could not remember what it was called. And then I woke up one morning to find that someone, somewhere in the world had conducted a search using the terms “flickr information visualization” and had found us. However number one on the search results was Time Graphs, which was the piece that I was looking for!

So here it is: Ladies and gentlemen, Time Graphs!


great for uploading videos…

tumblr. blogs filled with minimalistic doodles/illustrations. I loved them! Start yours! Like now!

connor’s doodles:

The Doodle Book:


A Beastie Day

And some not so “doodly” – also very nice…
Graphic Everywhere

And here’s another one, Tihn Toun:

Here is a list of some cool design and typography pools at Flickr you should join and start posting your work to:

Experimental Typography

Experimental Graphic Design



Design & Typography

:: Graphic Design & Typography ::

International Typographic Style

Typographic Inspiration


international graphic design

Graphic Design Blog – You the Designer

Please do not be shy and do this. Maybe start off with some of the less ambitious ones at first and then proceed to the more sophisiticted ones at a later time, when you have more accomplishments as yound designers.

You will hopefully get good comments and feedback, which will help improve your work for sure.