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This is a nice tool for interactive drawing. Using Jay’s application you can draw really complex (and cool!) looking images. It’s basically a line drawing tool where you just put dots on the canvas and they create lines – But the trick is, the new point you put gets connected with the nearest dots you already drew. The result is a geometric line explosion and it really looks incredible if you use it the right way (just look at the images). There is a <a title=”web app for sketchy structures” href=” web application that you can instantly play with and also an Adobe Illustrator Scriptographer script  (for the latter, take a look at scriptographer page on how to install and use it- it’s an amazingly good tool for illustrator fans!, you’ll thank me..)

when i was just chatting with a friend about how i admire handcrafted – non computational works much more than computational/interactive works, i came across this friendly, kind of crazed project.

cameron moll reconstructed colosseum by type (Goudy Trajan and Bembo Pro to be specific), letter by letter with some additional glyphs based on italian calligrapher M. Giovambattista Palatino, as featured in Libro di M. Giovambattista Palatino Cittadino Romano, published in Rome around 1550 AD.

i can feel the hard work just by focusing on a little portion of the typed building. just wow…