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A two-sided poster designed by Josh Gomby for the Rochester Institute of Technology screening of the Helvetica documentary in 2008.

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The visual identity package of the magazine can be seen here:

House of Balsamic / LogoHouse Of Balsamic _ Bussines CardHouse Of Balsamic / Business Card For B2CHouse Of Balsamic / Letterhead


Gmund Color System book

Many more of these compelling photographs can be seen here:

Beautiful  – and there is more of it here:

Duru is an ongoing multilingual font project, which consists of four weights with small caps and alternate glyph sets with accompanying italics. Italics are to be included in the font specimen booklet in May 2011.

The creator of “Duru” is our very own Onur Yazıcıgil, also co-blogger here at Acemi Çaylak, and a much valued faculty member of our university since Fall 2009. He and I co-teach the main Graphic Design course of the 3rd year and he is one of the greatest colleagues and friends that one could ever hope for. And… one talented cookie, as the following will show:

Note: Duru is due to be distributed through an internationally renowned professional type foundry in the near future. So, please stand by for updates!

Happy April’s Fool Day  – from Google! Just about gave me a heart attack! :-D

Magnificent! Created by Alex Beltechi, seen on behance.

I have not been around much at this blog lately and the reason is here:

For the past 2 years I have been teaching a web design class during the Spring semester. This is a course which a lot of non-design majors, particularly from our Faculty of Engineering, take together with our Visual Communication Design majors. In fact, usually the percentages go much in favor of non-designers. Last year I made small online tutorials for them, which are actually on this blog. This year I decided to take things a bit further and started a full blown dedicated blog, where I am giving them tips, showing them resources, even some tutorials and such. I am mostly basing stuff on the blogspot template editor, which I think is an absolute God-send for teaching an introductory level web design course.

I am having a really great time with this new site –  which does not mean that I forgot all about this one. I will certainly come back to it. However, for now my blogging energies seem to be focused there more than here and I hope that you will go and visit this new one also.

WOW!! This is a great page with a huge collection of old and new posters. Incredible examples and designers. Perfect place to check out for history lesson, influence and creativity (and of course jealousy..) I’m having difficulty to choose for samples.. Please visit the page yourself and immerse..