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This is the didactic story of how a web design goes straight to hell by the Oatmeal. Be careful: as funny as it may look, I, for one, can testify that this is a 98.7% accurate description of what designers have to go through in some projects. To quote Paula Scher, once more:

Mostly, designers get paid to negotiate the difficult terrain of individual egos, expectations, tastes, and aspirations of various individuals in an organization or corporation, against business needs, and constraints of the marketplace. This is a process that can take a year or more. Getting a large, diverse group of people to agree on a single new methodology for all of their corporate communications means the designer has to be a strategist, psychiatrist, diplomat, showman, and even a Svengali.


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    • alphaauer
    • Posted April 9, 2010 at 12:18 pm
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    It is so true, it is downright scary!

    There used to be a wonderful thing, similar to this during the 1980’s, a poster. Anyway, in it Leonardo da Vinci is an “art director” designing the Mona Lisa for “a client”, presumably a member of the Sforza family or something. It starts out with “Lenny! Great! Love it! Wouldn’t change a hair!…. Except maybe the hair, that is!….”

    If anyone comes across an online version of this, could you please post it here? I would love to see it again!

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