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I just watched a great video about an ongoing research project on the future magazines. I expected Bill Hill to show up on the video, who directed the development of the ClearType project in Microsoft in the late 1990s and played crucial role on the development of the Electronic Book project that came afterward. He is also the author of “The Magic of Reading”, which discusses the ClearType project, conventions of reading and perception.

However, it turned out to be not Bill Hill but some other folks who are extremely serious about changing the conventions of the future magazine. These folks are Bonnier R&D.

One great point by the speaker is that the future of the magazine should not mimic the present magazine’s physical structure. It wouldn’t look ‘sincere’ to have some ‘page turning’ effects. Simply scrolling is more effortless. That is what Hill has been discussing over the last decade.

Take a moment and watch this interesting video

I strongly recommend Hill’s “The Magic of Reading” to those who are curious to understand how we process the cognitive of reading now and how we should in the future. You may have problem finding this lengthy article online. Thanks to Alessandro Segalini, I’m still keeping the copy he made for me, so I can lend it to anyone who is interested in it.


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